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Hi to all you Tessera members, especially the new ones! I got so excited by my experience that I wanted to make a place where we could all talk to each other--there's just so much Ada doesn't have time to tell us! This wiki is to collect clues and information about the secret society of the Tessera and its fight against S. But I need your help to gather evidence! I've got some pages started for us, but if you discover something new, feel free to add new ones.

Tessera Members: Give us the story of the Tessera members you've come across!

Sightings: Have you seen S? Let us know so we can work to defeat it!

Memes: Bringing some humor to the fight.

Social Media: Tracking social media accounts belonging to Tessera members.

Fan Art: Express your creativity; all forms of innovation are welcome here!

The Tessera - An Alternate Reality Game

The Tessera - An Alternate Reality Game

Tessera game trailer

How can I play? Edit

Go to and register! Then come back here and tell your stories.

Looks like if you're lucky enough to be in California and visit the Computer History Museum, you can play a version there too!
The Tessera- Ghostly Tracks

The Tessera- Ghostly Tracks

Help me! I'm stuck! Edit

Did you know there was an in-game forum? You can access it by clicking on the group of three people icon on your menu.


In-game forum

I've also discovered a group calling itself "Tessera Source" has made a series of walkthrough videos! You can find them at this YouTube channel.

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