I have recently realized that all the problems in High School I had can be chalked up to the malignant influece of S in my life. I always would forget to do my homework or forget what my homework was and now I know why. It was all the influece of S trying to prevent me from getting good grades. It makes sense now. All those times my room would get really smoky was because of S. I remember seeing what seemed like a shape in the smoke with a pair of eyes watching me. At the time I thought I was seeing things but now I know better. I am writing this so that other young students who see this and are going through the same thing can realize that S is interfering in your academic performance. 

In the years since then I have developed some tools to take care of S. Firstly, write down what your homework is and keep in a safe place, that way S's memory erasing powers can be countered. Secondly, if your room suddenly becomes smoky for no reason, check if theres a fire. If theres not a fire you are being attacked by S. In this case immediately flee the premise. Thirdly and lastly, gather a group of people around you who know about S and make sure to frequently check on eachother and remind them of their schoolwork. All three of these tricks together will allow you to achieve in your academics and one day become a great Tessera Member, who developes new ways of fighting S.