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Mary Cartwright (December 17, 1900- April 3, 1998) was a mathematician born in Northamptonshire, England. Her most noteworthy accomplishments involve her contribution to and study of the chaos theory.

In 1923, Cartwright got a degree in mathematics from St Hughs College in Oxford. She went on to teach mathematics at Girton College.

Not only was Cartwright known for her contributions to the mathemtaics world but she was also a record breaker for certain metals and positions. She was the first woman to receive the Sylvester Medal, to be a part of the Council of the Royal Society, and to be the President of the London Mathematical Society. 

In 1998, she passed away of old age in a nursing home in Cambridge. 

Contributions to The Tessera Edit

The chaos theory is similar to the butterfly affect but it focuses on complex dynamic systems. Cartwright studies in chaos theory help her understand S and the chaos he aims to unfold. By understanding S's mindset Cartwright was able to create puzzles that she knew he would have a hard time trying to beat. Cartwright herself became a bit of a fan of chaos and quite enjoyed the task of finding all the pipes.   

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