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Beware fellow members of the Tessera!

I encountered S the first time I played Level 7. I’m sure he was watching me and my progress throughout my time in the tower but I only noticed him when I ran out of time during the fuse box challenge. There was almost complete darkness in the tower and at that moment, my heart sank. I realized I hadn’t completed my task in time and that there was something in the corner of the room. I had noticed some upturned tables and chairs as well as the run down quality of the room when I first opened the level and I also felt like the room had been touched by something or someone who was frustrated, perhaps looking for something, and once the lights went out, I felt it was S. It was scary to be in the dark, all alone, scrambling to finish the task that Tessera trusted me with but when I managed, the failures all felt worth it and I moved on to a level with much more light.

Did anyone else experience S in the darkness of Level 7?