These puzzles are definitely a bit difficult, but nothing that James thinks you can't handle. He advises to watch out for S, as he comes when you least expect it!


James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish scientist that studied mathematical physics. He played an imperative role in the development of his theory of electromagnetic radiation. Using concepts of electricity, magnetism, and light, he was able to develop unifying equations for electromagnetism.

Childhood & Education:

James Clerk Maxwell was born to the family of Penicuik, holders of the baronetcy (title granted by the British crown) of Clerk of Penicuik. From a young age Maxwell showed great interest and curiousity in anything and everything that moved, shone, floated, etc. His mother took notice of his inquisitiveness, and therefore took responsibility of Maxwell's education. 

However, due to Maxwell's quirky mannerisms form his isolated childhood, he did not fit well in school. In terms of school subjects, Maxwell took a great interest in geometry, and later won multiple awards for English and Poetry at the young age of 13. Maxwell then went on to publish his first scientific paper at the age of 14. At age 16, Maxwell went on to attend the University of Edinburgh, and later, Universitty of Cambridge. 

Awards & Notable Achievements:

Contributions to The Tessera:

Helped pioneer levels that played with light and fitting pieces together. Maxwell always liked geometry and putting shapes together, therefore he had a blast planning the pipes puzzles for level two. He thought that putting the different shapes together would help others use logical thinking, in order to learn how small pieces can make a bigger whole. 

As for the organization, Maxwell has regularly submitted new updates from his works of electromagnetic radiation, and has contributed his knowledge of how to apply his theories to better assist others in problem-solving. He also used his knowledge of presenting colored photographs, and most of the older photos of the organization were developed by him.