Beulah Louise Henry

One of the most industrious members of the Tessera, she is credited with over 110 different inventions and 49 patents. Never married, she pursued passion in her life through the act of innovation. She founded two companies after moving to NYC in 1924 and would routinely work as a consultant in NYC for many other manufacturing companies like Mergenthaler Linotype Company and the International Doll Company.

She was given the nickname "Lady Edison" due to how prolific she became at inventing in the 1930's.

Some notable inventions: Vacuum ice cream freezer, first bobbinless sewing machine, several different dolls (with a variety of innovative features at the time such as mechanical operating, eye color changing etc), can opener, and a multitude of sewing apparatuses.

As one of the Tessera's more zealous champions of innovation, she took the fight against "S" very personally. Spending most of her time either at the top of Horsely Towers or boasting in the downstairs pub to anyone who would listen about her next revolutionary idea. She took any action against the Tessera by "S" as a personal slight. After any close call or encroachment of "S" against the Tessera, Beulah was known to lock herself away at the top of Horsely Towers to invent, with the Tessera burning brilliantly bright again within the day.